Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation Small Business Lending Market Study
Dorchester Bay EDC
Boston, MA
February 2016
May 2016
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Collaborative research


Public Policy Analysis


Economic Revitalization + Community Planning


Market + Zoning Analysis


Data Visualization + Design


Project Management

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (DBEDC) recently reached a point where it needed to assess whether its small business support and lending programs were aligned with the needs of the local community, and were competitive with other area lenders. To support DBEDC, Karp Strategies performed an analysis of the small business lending market in Boston to inform DBEDC’s small business lending program. Karp Strategies conducted: primary research that included over 20 stakeholder interviews, quantitative and qualitative analyses comparing primary research findings to market data, and finally, a gap analysis to ascertain supply and demand for small business lending products. The firm delivered a report to DBEDC that included strategic recommendations regarding the organization's future position in the small business lending space. The graphic above (with all numbers removed) is an example of the way in which the firm visually delivered information in the report.

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