Urban Planning & Real Estate Advisory for Western Beef

Western Beef, a grocery store chain providing affordable groceries with locations in each of New York City’s five boroughs, is expanding its operations across the city and the Tri-State area. The client’s aggressive growth goals include: rezoning properties to allow for new income streams; securing financing via government incentives; seeking development partners; moving into new facilities for distribution and manufacturing operations; and creating more quality middle-class jobs. Fundamentally, these growth goals serve the company’s mission to provide quality, affordable food for all New Yorkers; to accomplish their goals, the company must navigate multiple city processes and understand the changing urban neighborhoods in which they operate.

To meet these goals, Western Beef hired Karp Strategies to provide multifaceted real estate and urban planning advisory services. Specifically, the firm is providing critical guidance and analysis about city regulations and procedures, shepherding the client through incentive applications, creating public facing narratives and supporting materials, performing community planning analyses to understand the context of proposed development, and building workforce development strategies. The company’s strategic plans span many years in the future, and as such, Karp Strategies is also ensuring overall project management and devising tactical next steps to help realize current and prospective goals to turn vision into reality. Karp Strategies is working closely with Western Beef and other specialty advisors, like land use lawyers, architects, and contractors to provide a seamless growth trajectory and implementation for the future. Through this process, Karp Strategies has become a trusted right-hand partner to Western Beef.

To date, Karp Strategies’ deliverables have included: community planning analyses for future Western Beef sites; informational memos about Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statements; successful advisement, relationship management, and completion of City and State incentives; a multi-year zoning process analysis and accompanying technical memo; a graphic and written narrative of company impacts, including a presentation and supporting talking points; and demographic and land use research. Karp Strategies’ advisement and deliverables directly match the client’s needs as different project phases kick-off. The firm remains nimble to plan for and adjust to new milestones, work streams, and goals as needed by Western Beef.

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