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NYCEDC OSW Waterfront Pathways Program

New York City Economic
Development Corporation
New York, NY
July 2022
Service areas

Collaborative research


Stakeholder Outreach + Engagement Strategy


Strategic Planning

As global offshore wind companies compete to develop key resources off the coast of New York City and Long Island, many smaller, locally-
owned M/W/DBE businesses are also poised to enter a dynamic, growing market. The participation and success of these small businesses is critical for ensuring that the offshore wind industry’s economic and community benefits reach the communities that need them most. But there are many barriers for small businesses:
specialized insurance, equipment, training and certifications, as well
as the time and risks necessary to enter a competitive new market.

Karp Strategies is helping the New York City Economic Development
Corporation (NYCEDC) build out its Offshore Wind NYC Waterfront
Pathways program that will help to establish a diverse supply chain
of small businesses for the offshore wind industry. Working with TMI, Crescent Consulting, and Next Street, Karp Strategies is providing stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, collaborative research, and project management for the training program. Karp Strategies is analyzing the existing barriers and opportunities for small businesses to enter the offshore wind market through stakeholder engagement, outreach, and research. Our team is also developing a course
curriculum and materials for “OSW 101,” an offshore wind introductory
course that all training program participants will participate in.

The result of Karp Strategies’ work will be a training program and
resources for small businesses competing for contracts within the
offshore wind industry. Diversifying the offshore wind supply chain will
also help drive economic benefits into disadvantaged communities across the state. This project is underway and expected to be administered yearly, with Karp Strategies’ assistance, as the offshore wind industry gets off the ground in NYC.

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