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Alessandra Woodman joined Karp Strategies as a graduate analyst, with experience in participatory planning and a deep interest in the human side of urban planning. As a placemaker, she is passionate about how the built environment influences people's behavior, attitude, and wellbeing. Prior to Karp Strategies, Alessandra worked at Made in NYC, an initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development, where she developed creative service programs to enhance the marketing capacity of manufacturing businesses in the Made in NYC network.

At Karp Strategies, Alessandra supports community-economic development projects and market analysis. She is currently working on the development of Baldwin's strategic downtown revitalization initiative and assisting in the socio-economic and workforce impact analysis of a major cultural institution in NYC. Alessandra combines her experience in architecture with her work in participatory planning and leading community-driven development initiatives. While still living in Peru Alessandra worked for Techo, a non-profit organization, where she worked closely with underserved youth to implement neighborhood-scale strategies with the aim of overcoming poverty through an economically sustainable approach.

Presently, Alessandra is in her final year at Pratt Institute's Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment, where she is pursuing her Master's in Urban Placemaking and Management. She holds a professional degree in Architecture from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Lima, Perù). She is a Community Planning Fellow at Fund for the City of New York and mentee at the 2019 American Planning Association mentorship program.


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