Operations Manager & Executive Assistant

Emma Lane joins Karp Strategies as a client-focused operations manager and executive assistant with experience managing day-to-day operations, budgets, financial bookkeeping, contract negotiations, and coordinating with external clients and partners. At Karp Strategies, she provides top-flight customer service to clients and partners and makes sure that teams have what they need when they need it. She facilitates both internal and external coordination and works behind the scenes to manage the business side of Karp Strategies with its CEO.

Emma shepherds team members and partners through project lifecycles, from proposals to multi-year infrastructure projects. Emma’s background in federal grant management and international business enables her to manage complex projects while building and strengthening multi-stakeholder relationships. She is known for working with her colleagues in fast-paced work environments to create and foster systems of organization leading to higher productivity. ​

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from West Virginia University. Her lifelong passion for people, environmental research and conservation, and organization inspire her to lend her skills to volunteer across NYC, from planting flowers to event operations.

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