Lily is an experienced environmental professional working towards a sustainable future through renewable energy implementation and economic planning.


As an Analyst at Karp Strategies, Lily brings expertise in research and multi-sector regulatory compliance together with experience in economics, climate science, and renewable energy development to develop stakeholder engagement strategies and support sustainable infrastructure. Lily is passionate about working towards a sustainable future through innovative solutions that represent as many interests as possible. Prior to joining the firm, Lily worked at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, a financial newswire covering the energy sector, Weill Cornell Medicine, and conducted independent research about the intersection of New Zealand’s agricultural sector and its risks to the country’s marine and economic well being. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, running, and being outdoors whenever possible.

AREAs of expertise

Stakeholder Engagement


Qualitative Research


Resiliency & Sustainability


Cost/Benefit Analysis


Energy Policy