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Graduate Analyst

Madeline works with multi-disciplinary stakeholders to ensure water-based projects are developed with communities in mind.


Madeline Wachtel is a nonprofit specialist and social impact strategist focused on ensuring water-based projects are developed with communities in mind. Prior to Karp Strategies, Madeline served as the Deputy Director of Billion Oyster Project, where she led business development efforts and instituted systems for organizational wide goal setting. For over six years, Madeline has worked with multi-disciplinary stakeholders with interests in the tri-state area’s ever-evolving waterfront. She currently leverages this experience as a Graduate Analyst working with Equinor on their stakeholder engagement and community economic development strategy. Madeline holds a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Food Systems at New York University with a focus on social enterprise management and ocean farming. On weekends, you can find Madeline turning an old tennis club into a small flower farm upstate.

AREAs of expertise

Resiliency & Sustainability


Stakeholder Engagement


Strategic Planning


Policy Design, Development & Analysis


Ports & Waterfront


Cost/Benefit Analysis

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