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Graduate Analyst

Stephanie is an urban planner and designer passionate about combining data and the lived experiences of people in pursuit of more equitable communities and cities.


As a Graduate Analyst at Karp Strategies, Stephanie develops creative methods of engagement and communication around technically complex resiliency projects and provides analysis in renewable energy and offshore wind. She is passionate about coupling data and spatial analysis with visual clarity to engage diverse stakeholders in conversations towards more sustainable and equitable outcomes. Prior to joining Karp Strategies, she spent five years at a develop-design-build firm gaining experience in architecture, urban planning, construction and development. She is currently pursuing a Masters in City Planning from MIT and has a B.A. in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. A native Bostonian who recently returned to the coast after ten years in St. Louis, Missouri, when not at the office you can find Stephanie looking for any excuse to hit the beach.

AREAs of expertise

Resiliency & Sustainability


Stakeholder Engagement


Qualitative Research


Geographic Information Systems


Urban Design

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