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Zhenya Naydonov
Marketing Intern

Zhenya applies unique problem-solution approaches and constant attention to detail to deliver successful marketing campaign executions.


As a Marketing Intern at Karp Strategies, Zhenya applies his professional and academic experience in digital marketing to advance the company's business strategy and public profile through website, newsletter, and social media campaigns. His past experience includes executing email marketing campaigns for a non-profit organization, developing search engine optimization strategies, and customer relations with VIP fashion industry clients across Europe. Zhenya is an international Honors student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing from Pace University. In addition to his marketing expertise, he is interested in how data analysis tell powerful stories. In his free time, Zhenya enjoys traveling, following the development of the United Arab Emirates' real estate and economy, and exploring the hidden gems and restaurants of New York City.

AREAs of expertise

Qualitative Research


Graphic Design & Branding

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