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Conducting Economic Studies and Technical Assistance to Support the Creation of a District Increment Financing in New Bedford, MA

Mass Development
Bedford, MA
March 2019
October 2019
Service areas

Public Policy Analysis


Economic Revitalization + Community Planning


Market + Zoning Analysis


Data Visualization + Design


Strategic Planning

The town of New Bedford, MA, in partnership with MassDevelopment and local economic development and planning agencies, is assessing different tools to promote downtown redevelopment, including the feasibility of a District Increment Financing (DIF). Karp Strategies, in partnership with Karl F. Seidman Consulting, completed an analysis of current and future development trends, property tax rates, and priority investment projects in downtown New Bedford through data acquisition and analysis as well as stakeholder input, to determine if a DIF district is feasible. The consultant team integrated data into a model that assesses financial feasibility and revenue generation, and ultimately advised against a DIF district based on current market conditions.

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