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Karp Strategies is a WBE/DBE/SBE-certified urban planning and strategy consulting firm that partners with organizations to identify their unique needs and provide tailored solutions.


We strive to build strong and thriving communities, economies, and cities in which people are proud to live and work. We do this by taking analysis to action to help our cross-sector clients tackle challenges, make decisions, and advance their projects.


Our team examines every project from a holistic perspective, incorporating data, people, and place as core tenets. Working through an equity-driven lens means thoughtfully considering we are not all starting from the same place, how those disparities intersect with our work, and how we move forward in our practice. 

Guiding principles + Core Values

(est. 2019)


We are committed to growing stronger communities, thriving and inclusive economies, and amazing public realms in our cities.


We pride ourselves on honest, constructive communication and two-way feedback in an environment of positive intent, accountability, and transparency.


We thrive on collaboration and team support in a setting that celebrates asking questions and running with new ideas.


We uphold a culture of respect and kindness for people - internal and external to Karp Strategies.


We celebrate each other’s success and support each other through hard times. We celebrate our wins and seek to learn from our losses!


We support the team’s health and wellness through rewarding and challenging projects as well as rest, recovery, and flexibility.


We recognize the importance of work/life balance or integration together with the need to meet project deadlines. We aim to achieve a balance, to minimize the need for extensive work outside of regular hours, and in the instance when we are required to go above and beyond, to allow team flexibility in meeting project needs.


We dedicate ourselves to learning, growth, development, and cross-training while we do our best work for and with our clients and partners. We encourage team members to step up into new roles, with the support and coaching from other team members.


We ensure all team members are supported to do their best work on behalf of the firm, clients, partners, and stakeholders.


We encourage the entrepreneurial mindset, and always look for new opportunities to grow our impact whether that be our impact in communities or our bottom line.


We work with exceptional team members who do their best work.


We recognize when we need to adapt to meet the changes in our firm, the market, and the city and try

new things.


We communicate openly about challenging issues as a team - because we know communicating makes

us stronger.


We make time to share team learnings cross-discipline and cross-project, as well as time to connect personally to strengthen teamwork.

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We take analysis of data, people, and place to action so that government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations can make better decisions, avoid painful project delays, and create shared value while maximizing return.  


Our holistic approach, combining design-thinking and market analysis, helps our clients move their projects forward to build better communities and stronger cities.

Recognized by our partners and clients as more than just single problem-solvers, we are strategic partners and collaborators, working in lockstep to provide long-term systems solutions that bring value long after our work is over.  


We are committed to growing stronger communities, thriving and inclusive economies, and amazing public realms. In practice, we both independently lead projects and subcontract to or team with other firms to provide specific services and lead through collaboration.


Clients and partners come to Karp Strategies to seek strategic advisement, analysis, and execution on complex urban issues across a range of topics, and because we deliver—every time. 

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 OUR dedicated


Started by Rebecca Karp in 2015, Karp Strategies is comprised of a team of dynamic policy and planning leaders who actively teach, engage in, and innovate within the urban planning field.


Our team is intersectional in nature, balancing a strong foundation in community-economic development, real estate and urban planning, infrastructure/transportation, and community engagement with specialities in the industrial and manufacturing sector, workforce development strategy, public policy, and sustainability.  


We celebrate the immense diversity of our region and have built a team that reflects this to bring multi-lingual, holistic planning solutions to our clients across the five boroughs and beyond.



As a firm, we place curiosity, dialogue, and inquiry firmly at the heart of our work to keep our pulse on an evolving field and bring fresh eyes to complex urban issues.  


In any given week, you’ll find us exploring a new policy proposal, developing a new analytical methodology, exploring a new neighborhood or development, or honing our skills at trainings that benefit our projects.  


Karp Strategies maintains a robust in-house professional development program where the goals of team members are matched with opportunities to join organizations, attend events and conferences, and develop leadership skills. This ensures our team stays fresh with an eye on the field to the benefit of team learning and client goals alike. 

Working With Us
Our Rockstar Team
A Culture of Inquiry
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