For each project, we tailor our services to best meet our clients' needs. The Karp Strategies team draws from a wide and dynamic breadth of expertise, positioning us at the ready to offer a comprehensive array of services. 

Market + Zoning Analysis

In environments and markets undergoing rapid change, understanding trends and holistic planning factors are critical to enable actionable, informed decisions. Karp Strategies provides targeted market and real estate analysis and guidance to help clients understand and articulate market needs and trends. We collect data via real estate databases such as CoStar and Dun & Bradstreet, public data and mapping platforms, zoning reviews, and through interviews with brokers and key stakeholders. Site visits can augment desktop analysis if considering site selection and broader neighborhood and strategic goals. We use this data to map, measure, and assess findings to advise clients to ensure that their interests are at the forefront.

Urban Planning + Real Estate Development Strategies

Karp Strategies provides multifaceted real estate and urban planning advisory services for clients ranging from private developers to large-scale manufacturing tenants. We provide critical guidance and analysis to help our clients navigate city regulations and procedures, shepherd them through incentive applications, and create public facing narratives and supporting materials to help them frame and communicate their value to engaged stakeholders. As part of our holistic real estate development services, we perform community planning analyses to understand the context of proposed developments and craft workforce development strategies that help communities thrive.

Strategic Planning

Karp Strategies' strengths with respect to strategic planning span market and needs assessment, financial analysis, best practices review, project management, and implementation planning. Strategic planning requires thinking ahead, weighing the options and making informed decisions based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, past experience and an informed knowledge of the complex political, social, environmental and physical context inherent in every decision.

Stakeholder Outreach + Engagement Strategy

Karp Strategies works with clients to create robust public engagement strategies to elevate ideas, opportunities, and challenges across projects. We begin these processes by determining the world of stakeholders, mapping their influence on the project, and creating a strategic plan that matches different techniques to different audiences, always endeavoring to meet communities and stakeholders where they are. Engagement techniques range from public meetings and project websites to focus groups and creative building activities. Depending upon the client’s definition of success, these strategies inform audiences, solicit feedback, or achieve buy in. We work with experienced facilitators to bring multilingual access to communities around NYC.

Economic + Social Impact Analysis

Our team works with clients to conduct social, economic, and community impact analyses of planned interventions across scales. Impact analyses help clients contextualize the intended and potentially unintended consequences of proposed interventions with the primary goal of both informing business decisions, promoting a project’s benefit, and developing measures for minimizing harm and maximizing the benefits of an intervention. Deliverables can include a high impact report or presentation, written report or briefing packet with supporting data and compelling visuals.

Economic Revitalization + Community Planning

Karp Strategies works closely with clients to analyze, develop, and implement community and economic development strategies, policies, and strategic plans. Our team evaluates each project context by conducting a planning and baseline analysis. We create rich site and neighborhood profiles by assessing physical locations, examining existing area economic and demographic conditions, and evaluating community assets and needs. The team also creates case studies by researching analogous projects to understand how economic and development impacts have been borne out elsewhere. Finally, the firm conducts on-the ground research through stakeholder interviews and triangulates this qualitative data with desktop research to produce community and economic development analyses.

Public Policy Analysis

Smart public policy is central to strong, vibrant communities. Karp Strategies supports clients seeking to analyze policy impacts, advocate for new or revised policies, or implement new solutions and strategies. With strengths in both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, along with deep expertise in urban issues, the team brings a sophisticated lens to policy projects. Karp Strategies begins policy projects by identifying the right sources of data and inputs, whether that involves sifting through detailed government or commercial data sources, meeting with key informants or those impacted by a policy, or designing surveys and analytical tools to generate new data. We then provide clients with analysis and research that is tailored to their needs, clear and digestible for their target audience, and that offers practical, actionable recommendations. Creativity, best practices, and practicality are central to our work.

Data Visualization + Design

Outstanding data and policy analysis is only as good as your ability to communicate and understand it - and Karp Strategies recognizes that more often than not, this analysis and communication is best articulated through creative, clear data visualizations and mapping. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the data sources and methodologies central to this work, including socioeconomics, policy, housing and real estate, transportation, and environmental information. We have the technical capabilities to transform and visualize data for reports, presentations and websites to advise our clients and communicate their vision. From detailed graphics, to full neighborhood and site profiles, to online interactive maps, Karp Strategies works with clients to discover the best form in which to communicate a full picture of their project.

Project Management

Karp Strategies understands that top-flight project management is built on consistent and clear communication, a collaborative, transparent process, and an ability to be responsive and proactive in our day-to-day management. Our dedication to timely and cost effective service in accordance with schedule and budget guidelines is vital to projects of all sizes, as is the personal approach we will bring to every assignment. We utilize the best practices of the Project Management Institute, leading edge programs such as Smartsheet that can be shared real-time with clients, and assignment of consistent Team project managers to ensure that we are here for you no matter the task at hand. Our team is intimately familiar with the full spectrum of what it takes to get from idea to implementation.

Collaborative research

Inherently collabortive and participant-driven, collective research provides invaluable insight into the what is and isn't working for communities. Whether our clients are trying to better understand the effectiveness of a program pilot or design community-informed institutions, we design, facilitate, and analyze collective qualitiative research to drive projects forward and build community capacity.

Operations Analysis

When our clients come to us in the hopes of making their facility, team, or program run smarter and more efficiently, we deliver goal-oriented operations analysis and strategy support. Building on decades of collective experience managing complex cross-sector initiatives, our team is skilled at identifying the operating conditions under which projects, developments, and initiatives can thrive. Thorough baselining of our client’s goals, resources, finances, and existing operations allow us to identify how to close the gaps between where they are and where they need to be to succeed in the urban environment. Whether we’re analyzing the financial stability of a port operation or outlining the resources required to bring citywide initiatives to bear, our firm drives efficiency and calculated change for our clients through operations analysis and execution.

Inclusive Development + MWBE Strategy

Clients cross-sector are increasingly asking how they can ensure their projects and processes aim for inclusive and equitable development outcomes, recognizing that actions need to move beyond intent. Karp Strategies supports clients by providing management consulting-style support, often in tandem with other services, to help clients achieve their goals. We understand that best in class procurement practices can lead to real, positive outcomes. Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises, Local Small-Business Enterprises, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, commonly referred to as MWBEs, are businesses in a variety of sectors certified by government agencies with these distinctions. Karp Strategies provides strategic advisement to clients seeking to build partnerships and develop strong procurement practices that center MWBEs towards a more inclusive business ecosystem. We conduct gap and opportunity analyses, assess existing MWBEs opportunities across trades/sector, and help clients build and operationalize their business strategies.


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