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D.C. Southwest and Buzzard Point Resiliency Strategy

Washington, D.C. Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE)
April 2022
August 2023
Service areas

Economic + Social Impact Analysis


Urban Planning + Real Estate Development Strategies


Economic Revitalization + Community Planning

Located at the convergence of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, Buzzard Point is a formerly industrial area of Washington, DC that has seen increased development and investment over the past decade. Due to its riverfront location and past uses, the area is susceptible to both coastal flooding and inland flooding from stormwater run-off. As the area continues to grow, efforts are underway to develop a green infrastructure network that will increase the neighborhood’s resilience to future flooding events and protect buildings and infrastructure, while also guarding against potential gentrification and displacement stemming from green infrastructure investments.

In collaboration with the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), Ramboll as prime consultant hired Karp Strategies to support the creation of a green infrastructure network plan for the Buzzard Point neighborhood. To help ensure the project accounts for socio-economic conditions and community context, Karp Strategies conducted a study of co-benefit criteria applicable to green infrastructure improvements to inform a cost-benefit analysis of the project. These criteria were used to guide the network’s financial models and develop messaging to inform the public about the plan. Additionally, Karp Strategies developed a financing and implementation strategy with a wide variety of potential grants, subsidies, and other funding sources to diversify support for the construction and maintenance of the plan. Based on these analyses, Karp Strategies provided feedback on the green infrastructure network plan with an eye towards urban design and socio-economic benefits of addressing interior and riverine flooding, sea level rise, and extreme urban heat.

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