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Leonia Economic Development & Real Estate Advisory Services
Borough of Leonia
Leonia, NJ
July 2020
December 2020
Service areas

Urban Planning + Real Estate Development Strategies


Stakeholder Outreach + Engagement Strategy


Economic Revitalization + Community Planning


Market + Zoning Analysis

The Borough of Leonia, New Jersey, just beyond the George Washington Bridge, offers a low-rise, suburban sanctuary with quick access to NYC. Leonia seeks to promote economic and real estate development within the borough, to help generate local revenue, support local community economic development, and address increasing taxes for residents.

Leonia hired Karp Strategies to provide advisory and analytic services with respect to its goals. Karp Strategies undertook a feasibility assessment and market analysis to support action and advancement of new residential development. To explore this potential, Karp Strategies is conducting an assessment of the built environment and the residential market through data analysis and interviews with key stakeholders. The research will culminate in a feasibility study of various redevelopment scenarios in the study area and support the Borough’s ongoing comprehensive and master planning efforts. Karp Strategies also assessed opportunities to enhance economic development in the Borough’s downtown to support new and existing businesses and encourage residents to visit downtown.

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