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Medford Comprehensive Plan

Office of Community Development, City of Medford
April 2021
Service areas

Economic Revitalization + Community Planning


Market + Zoning Analysis


Strategic Planning

Medford, Massachusetts is a diverse and scenic Boston suburb along
the Mystic River, with myriad competitive advantages: housing is more
affordable than in neighboring Boston suburbs; Tufts University has a
significant presence in the community; and a large swath of the vast
Middlesex Fells Reservation falls within its borders. The community
also faces intense development pressure, a challenged economy in the
wake of the COVID pandemic, and significant demographic changes.
Under these circumstances, Medford’s Office of Community
Development is undertaking a public planning process to prepare
a Comprehensive Master Plan for the City. Karp Strategies, in
collaboration with project lead Agency Landscape + Planning,
is developing a ten-year strategy for economic development and
housing for the Comprehensive Plan effort. Through a series of
technical reviews, data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and focus
groups, Karp Strategies is devising strategies that center on equitable
development and strengthening the small business community. The
plan will set a clear vision for the City to create policy and implement
recommendations that position Medford for sustainable economic
growth, workforce opportunities for residents, and a united vision for
the future.

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