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NYC Mayor's Office of Efficiency Customer Experience Mapping

New York City Mayor's Office of Efficiency (MOE), New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
New York City, NY
September 2022
June 2023
Service areas

Operations Analysis


Project Management


Strategic Planning

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Efficiency (MOE) was created in 2022 by Mayor Adams’ Executive Order 13. MOE is charged with working across city agencies to improve the experience of New Yorkers interfacing with city government, updating metrics to track agency performance, and streamlining regulations to improve overall efficiency and transparency. In its first year, MOE worked with over 60 city agencies and offices to implement “customer experience” pilot programs to identify existing regulatory barriers and improve the City’s ability to efficiently deliver services.

Karp Strategies, in close collaboration with prime firm Guidehouse, supported MOE and New York City agencies to implement pilot programs and build their prior work for a second round of customer experience initiatives. Karp Strategies worked directly with agencies to develop individually tailored customer experience plans. These plans included a wide range of initiatives to streamline regulatory burdens, enhance platforms for New Yorkers to provide meaningful feedback, and identify opportunities for cross-agency collaboration. Karp Strategies also led and supported the development of new tools for City agencies and MOE to use throughout the development, management, and ongoing evaluation of customer experience initiatives. Finally, Karp Strategies supported the ongoing use of new tools piloted by MOE, such as customer journey mapping and “secret shopping” of agency services, to better understand current City processes and highlight areas for improvement.

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