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NYSERDA Tier 4 Communications and Strategy Advisory

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
New York State
January 2022
October 2022
Service areas

Operations Analysis


Stakeholder Outreach + Engagement Strategy


Strategic Planning

NYSERDA’s Tier 4 program was established in 2020 to bring new
renewable energy capacity into New York City and reduce its heavy
dependence on fossil fuel energy sources. The program consists of
two new transmission lines, the Champlain Hudson Power Express
(CHPE) and Clean Path New York (CPNY) projects. Together, CHPE
and CPNY will bring an expected 18 million megawatt-hours of clean
energy per year to NYC, generating more than a third of the city’s
annual electricity demand from renewable sources.

Karp Strategies supported NYSERDA by designing a strategic
stakeholder outreach and communications plan for the Tier 4
program. Karp Strategies conducted a broad stakeholder mapping
analysis of relevant organizations and communities across the state,
using it to design messaging and guide outreach during the Public
Service Commission public comment phase of the program. Karp
Strategies then designed and implemented further strategies and
communications protocols to support the long-term success of these
transmission projects.

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