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NYSERDA Workforce Development Website

New York State Energy
Research and Development
Authority (NYSERDA)
March 2022
November 2022
Service areas

Project Management

The offshore wind (OSW) industry is growing fast in New York State
and will become a significant source of affordable and renewable
power in the coming decade. The State is on its way to developing
9,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy by 2035, enough to power
up to 6 million homes. This pace of growth requires significant
workforce development efforts. To this end, the New York State
Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks to consolidate all OSW workforce development opportunities into a user-
friendly website accessible to potential employers, training partners, and job seekers.

NYSERDA hired Karp Strategies to develop a website that informs
current and prospective industry employees regarding career paths,
training opportunities, and funding streams. In addition, the website
provides OSW workers with access to the latest OSW project
information and timelines, as well as information on workforce
development events in New York State. In collaboration with a user
experience design partner, Next! Solutions, Karp Strategies designed
the website with the highest levels of accessibility, ease of use, and
a focus on allowing workers in disadvantaged communities to find
training opportunities near their homes.

The website, launched in December 2022, advances New York’s
offshore wind industry growth by promoting inclusivity and equity
consistent with New York’s Climate Leadership and Community
Protection Act goals. Karp Strategies led a team to raise the bar
on workforce development and state-run websites alike, with one
stakeholder mentioning the website is “well beyond anything I’ve seen
to date. Well done!”

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