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Senior Analyst

Danielle utilizes data and community-driven analysis to develop housing, economic development, and community development plans.


As Senior Analyst at Karp Strategies, Danielle draws on her expertise in real estate, community development, and statistics to support market analysis, stakeholder engagement strategies, and economic development analysis. Trained as an urban planner and economist, Danielle is also involved with Columbia University’s Housing Lab, conducting data analysis for projects including rooftop accessory dwelling units and healthy building materials. Before joining Karp Strategies, Danielle was the Finance Associate at Just-A-Start, a community development corporation in Cambridge, MA. Danielle holds a Masters degree in Urban Planning, with a concentration in Urban Analytics and the Built Environment, from Columbia University GSAPP. Danielle received a B.A. in Economics and Applied Mathematics from Claremont McKenna College. In her free time, she enjoys biking, going on hikes, and playing soccer.

AREAs of expertise

Urban Development


Stakeholder Engagement


Qualitative Research


Geographic Information Systems


Economic & Community Development


Data Collection & Analysis

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