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Gaurvi Sanghi
Marketing Intern

Gaurvi is a data-driven digital marketing professional, leveraging extensive expertise in social media management and marketing analytics to drive impactful strategies and empower brands for a digital future.


Gaurvi is a dynamic digital marketing professional with a focus on social media and mobile marketing. With a diverse skill set that spans social media management, digital marketing, paid social advertising, marketing analytics, and more, Gaurvi is well-equipped to provide cutting-edge solutions. Here at Karp Strategies, she supports in producing content for social media, website and blog posts.
Prior to joining Karp Strategies, Gaurvi worked at Panasonic Corporation of North America as Digital Marketing Intern. Her work at Panasonic mainly focused on website development and updates, lead management and SEO optimization. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Management studies and a Master’s degree in Social Media and Mobile Marketing.
Her passion for digital marketing shines through her work, and she's dedicated to helping brands thrive in the digital era.
In her spare time, Gaurvi enjoys baking, reading self- growth books and playing tennis.

AREAs of expertise

Social Media Marketing

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