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Katherine Rivard

Katherine is an urban planning generalist, driven to make cities more equitable, sustainable, and human-centered.


Katherine joined Karp Strategies with a background in communications and city planning. After working as a communications specialist at the National Park Foundation and dipping her toe into local journalism in Washington, D.C., she returned to school to complete a Master’s in Urban Planning. Since then, she has worked across sectors, including at the Pratt Center for Community Development, where she created a neighborhood feasibility study on food access, and at NYU’s Furman Center, where she researched effective strategies for increasing affordable housing. She also led community outreach efforts as part of the Communications teams at the New York City Mayor’s Office of International Affairs and the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and supported the UN’s Capital Development Fund through research and recommendations to understand the effects of digital ridesharing and similar platforms on cities.

AREAs of expertise

Stakeholder Engagement


Economic + Community Development


Policy Design, Development + Analysis


Transportation Policy

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