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Monali Gandhi
Graduate Analyst

Monali leverages her multidisciplinary background as an internationally trained architect with planning principles to address urban planning issues in a holistic manner.


As an architect and planner with over four years of experience, Monali has contributed to diverse urban-scale projects in India and the US, spanning heritage conservation, mixed-use development, and community planning. She is currently pursuing an MS in City, Community, and Regional Planning at Pratt Institute, where her thesis research focuses on addressing the affordable housing crisis in Atlanta, utilizing Transit-Oriented design principles and green strategies.

In her capacity as a Community Planning Fellow with the Brooklyn Borough Board she managed stakeholder mapping and engaged with 300+ community-based organizations in Brooklyn for the "Comprehensive Land Use Development Plan," fostering positive change and advocating for equitable community-based development in collaboration with Hester Street. In her previous role as a Graduate Assistant at Pratt Institute, she collaborated closely with the Sustainability Director, focusing on innovative lighting solutions aimed at reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption while ensuring compliance with LL97 law. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is passionate about photography and loves to encounter different cities and communities during travels.

AREAs of expertise

Stakeholder Engagement


Qualitative Research


Policy Design, Development + Analysis


Data Collection & Analysis


Urban Design


Project Management

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