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The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) Net Zero Emissions Roadmap

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
Boston, MA
October 2021
December 2021
Service areas

Stakeholder Outreach + Engagement Strategy

As many states across the country set bold targets to address climate
change by 2050, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
developed a bolder vision: reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions
by 2031. Massport’s facilities, including Boston’s Logan Airport and
Conley Container Terminal, are crucial regional logistics hubs, and as
such, revamping their infrastructure to reduce their emissions poses
a significant challenge. Massport’s first step towards a net-zero vision
was to assemble a group of subject matter experts from within its
departments in collaboration with a multidisciplinary consultant team to
create a detailed roadmap with quantified emission reduction policies.

Working closely with VHB and the consultant team, Karp Strategies
prepared and conducted interviews with key Massport executives to
understand its current efforts to lower emissions and infrastructure
capabilities to support additional actions. The interviews resulted in
recommendations aligned with Massport’s aim of emission reduction for
its maritime facilities. Karp Strategies’ recommendations included key
investments and policies to quickly and efficiently put Massport on the
right path towards achieving its ambitious goals.

With this roadmap in hand, Massport’s Board of Directors unanimously
approved a three-year, $1.3 billion spending plan to invest $300 million
into new capital projects, including net-zero carbon emission initiatives.

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