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Taking analysis to action to build stronger communities, economies, and cities.

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Providing real estate market analysis and stakeholder engagement services for the creation of a master visioning plan. 

Middletown Return to the Riverbend Master Plan


We work with clients around the country, internationally, in our home city, and across sectors for organizations small and large. While much of our work is confidential, we've included a selection of some of our incredible clients here.  


Our public clients include local, city, and state agencies ranging from Massport to PANYNJ to NYC EDC.

Meet our public clients.


Our private clients include developers, companies, engineers, and

architecture firms.

Meet our private clients.


Our non-profit clients range from BIDs to community-based organizations. 

Meet our non-profit clients.

How can we help?


Receive updates on our projects, our team, and events we think you might enjoy as much as we do.


We are active in conversations around public policy, planning, and how our partners and networks are working to build stronger communities, economies, and cities. Our blog presents our learnings, our reflections, exciting updates about our work and more.

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