In the News: Equinor Enlists Community Support in the US

This article originally appeared on on June 28, 2021

Karp Strategies to help the developer in fulfilling its $47m commitment to local benefits from offshore wind | Image: Equinor

Equinor has hired urban planning advisory firm Karp Strategies to support the former in fulfilling its $47m commitment to community benefits in the US from its offshore wind activities.

The first focus of the partnership will be New York, where Equinor won the state’s bid with its Empire Wind and Beacon Wind developments.

Karp Strategies chief executive Rebecca Karp said: “This is a pivotal moment for offshore wind in the US.

“At the dawn of a new industry, now is the time to ensure that we’re building the ecosystem in a way that works for the regional economy, lays the foundation for a local renewable energy supply chain, and positions New Yorkers and New Englanders to take advantage of the jobs and economic stimulus that these projects will provide.

“We look forward to partnering with E