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Karp Strategies’ CEO + Founding Principal Rebecca Karp, Shines in Interise’s Alumni Spotlight Series

At Karp Strategies, we're thrilled by the recent spotlight featuring our Founding Principal and CEO of Karp Strategies, Rebecca Karp, in Interise's Alumni Spotlight Series. Interise stands as a beacon for fostering growth and support for Minority Women Business Enterprises (MWBEs), and was a pivotal force in Karp Strategies’ success. 

Interise: Empowering Businesses, Shaping Futures

Interise, a nationally recognized non-profit organization, champions the development and expansion of MWBEs by providing a robust platform for education, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Established on the belief that small businesses serve as the cornerstone of local economies, Interise works tirelessly to equip these enterprises with the tools and resources needed to thrive.

The StreetWise MBA and SBS Programs: Transforming Insights into Action

Within this landscape of empowerment, Interise's StreetWise MBA and New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) programs shine as transformative pathways for growth. These programs serve as catalysts, infusing practical knowledge, mentorship, and strategic guidance into the fabric of burgeoning businesses.

The StreetWise MBA program is a flagship initiative by Interise, offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to fortify the entrepreneurial spirit. Through a tailored approach, it imparts essential business fundamentals covering financial planning, strategic growth, and operational scalability. This immersive experience provides invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of today's business landscape.

The SBS program extends a helping hand to businesses seeking to foster inclusive economies. It focuses on fostering growth within the local community by emphasizing job creation, inclusive economic development, and sustainable business practices. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Karp Strategies' ethos, resonating with our commitment to building vibrant, equitable communities.

A Look Ahead: Empowering the Future Together

For Karp Strategies, Rebecca’s collaboration with Interise has been transformative. By participating in the StreetWise MBA program, she gained invaluable insights into how to run a small business. She has carried these lessons into Karp Strategies' work to positively impact and support the communities it serves, particularly through empowering small businesses and MWBEs. Karp Strategies strives to support Interise as it continues to foster more resilient, vibrant communities and nurture small businesses that form the backbone of our economy. As we reflect on this milestone, we remain committed to our partnership with Interise, leveraging the knowledge gained to further our mission of driving inclusive economic growth. 

To learn more about Interise and Rebecca Karp's insights in the Alumni Spotlight Series, visit 


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