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NYCEDC Development Finance Conference: What's Next?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Karp Strategies was thrilled to join the conversation at this week’s NYCEDC Development Finance Conference: Investing in Impact in NYC. As a team, we love bridging the high-level strategy with a tactical, on-the-ground approach to change at the neighborhood, borough, city, and regional level. The myriad of great discussions and smart speakers triggered a set of conversations and questions in our office the next morning. Together, we’re eager to explore:

  • What is the full set of potential vehicles for investments in Opportunity Zones? Given the tight timeline in which investments must be made, how can communities and officials assess whether the investment will support the long-term health of the neighborhood?

  • As the city emphasizes and prioritizes investments in life sciences and cybersecurity, how do we build and strengthen pathways into careers in those industries for people without a college education?

  • In a city where the majority of buildings are built as-of-right, how can we make public participation in rezoning processes more productive to allow the natural growth and evolution of the city in a way that is comfortable and respectful of community members?

We love helping our clients think through big questions and develop concrete strategies to address them. Reach out if you have your own questions or projects you’re trying to tackle!


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