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Reimagining Community Engagement in ATL, See You There?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Tired of seeing redevelopment projects fail?  Do the same 10 people always show up at your community meetings? Want to know what citizens really value in a revitalized downtown and in jobs for the future?

Come learn how to get real feedback!

To live our mission of looking at cities through the lenses of data, people, and place, we put a high premium on community input in the planning process- and rightfully so!  Our collective experience working with leadership of city agencies, firms, non-profits, and foundations around the country has taught us that excluding true community input from the planning process can cost well-meaning projects years in timeline extensions and millions of dollars in retroactive redress.  Conversely, authentic outreach yields creative ideas, collaboration, and critical buy in. 

At Karp Strategies, we unlock input with the most powerful tools at our disposal: blocks, toys, and trinkets.

James Rojas’ hyper-tactile PLACE IT! methodology is a dynamic engagement tool designed to encourage and democratize community input across lines of difference.  Utilizing PLACE IT! Karp Strategies has informed housing policy, rezoning processes, and helped leaders and citizens alike shape public policy, internal organization dynamics, and the built environment from Atlanta to NYC.  James has similarly led hundreds of engagement sessions around the country. 

We are delighted to provide a hands-on training of PLACE IT! tool alongside James to over 1,500 practitioners and economic development leaders next month in Atlanta at the Annual IEDC Conference.

Will you build equity in economic development with us, block by block? Will we see you in Atlanta?

Register here.

Session info here.

Can't make it to ATL? Interested in learning more? Drop us a line at


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