RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan: Visioning, Engagement and Equity through the Design Initiative

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

On October 29th, 2018, Karp Strategies’ Graduate Associate Cheryl Lim attended the Regional Plan Association’s (RPA) panel on the 4th Regional Plan – Designing the Future of the Tri-State Region. Moderated by Rob Lane, Senior Design Fellow at the RPA, the panel featured four speakers: Karolina Czechzek, partner at Only-if Architecture, Juliette Michaelson, Executive Vice President at the RPA, Kobi Ruthenberg, Associate at ORG Permanent Modernity, and Claire Weisz, principal-in-charge at WXY Studio. Rob framed the discussion by asking about some of the fundamental tensions between government, the architects, and the civic community that had been discussed during the plan’s creation – how visionary was RPA and the Plan going to be? How abstract did they want to be? How photo-realistic were they going to be with design work? Was it going to be about having an iterative process during the Plan’s creation?