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Short Sea Shipping with the Experts

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Consultant Joseph Sutkowi at Karp Strategies joined our partners at Hatch, and other industry and agency leaders at SUNY Maritime’s Marine Highway Conference to discuss short sea shipping. The term refers to the movement of goods by water along coastal or inland waterways. In New York, this equates largely to barge shipments in and around New York Harbor, the Hudson River, and the Long Island Sound. Shifting more goods movement to waterways could reduce truck traffic around ports and on city streets and reduce shipping industry’s carbon footprint.

Here’s what the discussion has us thinking about:

  • How can government and the private sector partner to both test the business model and build critical and necessary system infrastructure? And how do we begin to act on the Freight NYC plan?

  • How can we engage other critical stakeholders in the conversation about short sea shipping, namely the longshoremen’s union, freight companies, and companies whose goods would utilize the service?

  • How do build a system that would compete with trucking and rail on the critical dimensions of cost, time, and reliability?

Thank you NYCEDC, Kyle Conti Construction, McAllister Towing, and BrenCo for sponsoring today’s event!


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