Thinking Boldly with the Long Island City Partnership

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Photo Credit: Long Island City Partnership

Cornell President Martha Pollock, opened the 2018 Long Island City Partnership (LICP) Summit by touting the benefits of the Cornell Tech campus - just a short ferry ride away from the restaurants, entrepreneurial space, and studios of Long Island City. She was impressed with the scale of thinking it took to shape both Long Island City and to develop the new Cornell Tech campus. Pollock tied that to a change instituted at the school: students work on teams to complete yearly capstone projects for companies like Apple and Google, and the companies typically propose that students solve specific problems by instituting specific solutions. This year, Cornell Tech forced a change, urging companies to pose broad questions to student teams to inspire new, creative, and broad-based thinking. The start of Apple and Google’s new questions began, “How might we…?”

“How might we…” also became a theme of the LICP Summit day, stretching across different panels and speakers who sought to encourage the audience to engage in the entrepreneurial thinking that helps Cornell Tech, Long Island City, and our city as a whole to thrive. James Patchett, head of the NYC Economic Development Corporation, spoke about Sunnyside Yards and the way the visioning group behind early master plan stages is charged with figuring out