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2021 Newsletter #6 | Reconnecting Middletown's Waterfront, Brownsville Library Wins Award &Team News

Karp Strategies, on a team led by Cooper Robertson and in collaboration with Langan, was selected to support the City of Middletown, Connecticut’s riverfront master plan. The initiative aims to reimagine a 200-acre stretch of land along the Connecticut River as a vibrant and accessible new city district with major open spaces and a broad mix of uses. Karp Strategies will lead market analysis, economic development analysis and strategy, and stakeholder engagement. Engagement will focus on an inclusive planning process that brings together a diverse array of community interest groups to help set priorities and identify opportunities. The Karp Strategies team is excited to work with Mayor Ben Florsheim and our partners to develop an action-oriented plan for the riverfront.

View of the Middletown Swing Bridge Source: City of Middletown

Karp Strategies has continued to grow over the past several months. We are pleased to introduce our newest team members and collaborators.

Welcome, Dee!


Deepra Yusuf is a strategist with experience in public policy, operations management, and urban planning. She uses her expertise to build inclusive and transparent programs for diverse organizations. Dee is leading regional economic development and stakeholder engagement initiatives. Read more about Dee here.

Welcome, Jorge!


Jorge Jiminez joins Karp Strategies with expertise in research and public policy and experience in the arts, community organizing, and education. At Karp Strategies, Jorge is engaged in a variety of projects related to transportation, offshore wind, and economic development. Read more about Jorge here.

Welcome, Erik!

Graduate Analyst

Erik Strand brings experience in affordable housing development finance and education to Karp Strategies and leverages his research and data analysis skills to design more just and equitable cities. At Karp Strategies, Erik supports projects including economic development strategies, COVID response plans, and offshore wind. Read more about Erik here.


The Brownsville Library Renovation & Addition, led by LTL Architects for the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and New York City Department of Design and Construction, was selected by the New York City Public Design Commission to receive an Award for Excellence in Design. As a subconsultant to team lead LTL, the Karp Strategies team partnered with the BPL to conduct community outreach focused on integrating community needs and goals into the design of the new library space, including families, youth, adults, and community organizations. We utilized creative engagement strategies to invite community-wide participation, and synthesized the input and values we heard from participants that in turn directly informed LTL's designs. A big congratulations to the community, the BPL, the DDC, and the LTL team! Learn more about the award here.

Photos from Karp Strategies-hosted community engagement workshops, teen engagement activities, and family engagement activities.

Renderings of the Brownsville Library Community Design by LTL Architects


Karp Strategies is seeking a Special Projects Assistant/Chief of Staff and Contract + Data Compliance Administrator. The Special Projects Assistant/Chief of Staff will provide right hand support to the CEO and manage a wide range of special projects while the Contract + Data Compliance Administrator will contribute key support on project administration, compliance, and data oversight. We are also seeking a Consultant - Stakeholder Engagement, and Graduate Analyst - Market Analysis. Check out the job posts here to learn more and reach out to us with any questions.

The Karp Strategies team at the 2018 Hindsight Conference.

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is seeking a Program Manager to be an integral part of their team’s work collaborating with community organizations and designers to create visually-based popular education materials and workshop tools.

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that uses the power of design and art to increase meaningful civic engagement in partnership with marginalized communities.

The Program Manager will be part of CUP’s Community Education team. In our Community Education programs, CUP collaborates with community organizations and advocacy groups, as well as visual thinkers like graphic designers and illustrators, to create accessible visual explanations of complex policy and social justice issues. Learn more here.


As a reminder, early voting for the June primary elections in New York City began on Saturday, June 12, and will last through Sunday, June 20. Primary Day is Tuesday, June 22. You can find your polling site here. Click here to find out wait times at early voting poll sites.


Want to continue the conversation? We’d love to hear from you. As always, we welcome the opportunity to connect with your network of partners and clients or to work with you. Reach out to us at


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